The World’s Premiere Leadership Training and Implementation Program for Women Who Are Ready To Own Their Ambition + Step Into Their Power As Confident, Influential Leaders Others Will Listen To, Buy From, Follow + Promote

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I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from advising North America’s most respected women leaders (including women who have 10x firms to $6 billion in annual revenues, advised Presidents, created local movements and shaped federal economic policies) and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step leadership program that not only teaches you the high level theory behind how 8-figure business women create outstanding results, but how YOU can put these theories to work to improve your own life and career.

The Leadership Lab For Women is a 3-month group mentoring program for professional women who are ready to show up as the leaders and influencers they were born to be.

The end result: You dial up your impact, influence and income. You are more confident and influential in all areas of your life, which will help you advance your career, unlock promotions, build high powered business connections, grow your company…and LOVE WHO YOU BECOME in the process.

The Leadership Lab for Women is the first program of its kind that…

Focuses on creating swift, tangible and long-lasting results.

Women who commit to the process and implement the teachings have unlocked significant promotions, successfully negotiated salary increases, generated double digit revenue growth, secured multiple speaking gigs and become recognized within their industries and organizations as “power players.”

Teaches you how to be influential.

You have the skills, experience and know-how to have a bigger impact. We teach you how to leverage the skills you already have to create even bigger results (and be rewarded for your efforts!)

Unites women from different countries, industries and disciplines in a safe, intimate learning environment.

Our graduates represent women in financial services, technology, higher education, professional services, government, non-profit, manufacturing, coaching, consulting, life sciences and R&D. We keep our class sizes small to ensure plenty of time for discussion and mentoring. And our graduates represent numerous countries including: United States, Canada, England, Wales, Switzerland, Venezuela, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

Provides training, personalized coaching and community support for the “whole woman.”

While our core focus is on helping you dial up your influencing skills so that you can get major promotions and grow your business, we take a holistic approach to leadership and provide skills and tools that empower you personally and professionally.

What is The Leadership Lab?

The Leadership Lab is a 3 month group coaching program that includes:

  • Weekly modules complete with easily digestible videos, downloadable tools, templates, swipe copy, “how to” guides, additional resources, and much more.
  • A central private learning community where you can network and connect with like-minded women leaders from around the world
  • Q&A labs and group coaching calls, where every week you can connect with us and work in person on your leadership skills. These are live sessions where you can ask me anything.
  • Forever access to the Impact & Influence Leadership Lab For Women content.
Leadership Lab for Women: computer

This program will equip you with the critical skills you need to overcome the most common barriers to high-potential women. At the conclusion of this 3 month program, you’ll develop the critical leadership skills you need to:

  • Master the goal-setting strategies of highly successful women so that you can quit second guessing yourself and step onto the leadership track.
  • Identify your unique value proposition so that you can stand out in a crowded marketplace and become known for what you do.
  • Step into your power with executive presence that will make others want to listen, respect and take you seriously as a leader.
  • Identify your powerful, “non-salesy” personal brand and leverage that brand to position yourself as a credible leader.
  • Discover ninja networking secrets to build a high-powered network filled with people you admire and who will go to bat for you.
  • Time management secrets of 7-figure businesswomen that you can use to catapult your productivity.
  • Command more money.
  • Authentically position yourself as one to watch and learn from.
Leadership Lab for Women: workbook and CDs

Here’s the Breakdown of What You’ll Get:

Components of Leadership Lab for Woman with Eleanor Beaton
Module 1: Claim Your Personal Power

  • Complete, 360-degree overview of the Impact & Influence for Women Blueprint that will guide you through every step to position yourself as an influential, heart-centered 6-7-figure earner.
  • 3 self-coaching techniques to help you release limiting thoughts that undermine your credibility and prevent you from stepping into your power as an influential leader.
  • Uncover the “hiding behaviours” the keep ambitious women playing small.
  • Confidence-building framework that breaks down the 5 core activities required to build leadership confidence.
  • Goal setting techniques for high powered women in business.


Module 2: Discover Your Signature Leadership Presence

  • Identify the 3 core pillars of executive presence
  • Assess your current executive presence and diagnose the 2 or 3 subtle changes you can make to transform your executive presence
  • Identify and cultivate your authentic leadership presence…and learn how to channel it even in the toughest leadership situation
  • 5 presentation techniques that make you look and sound like a born leader
  • Master the technique Beyonce uses to perform like a pro each and every time.
Module 3: Craft Your Signature Messages

  • Discover why some of the world’s most successful companies invest big money training their chief executives how to tell powerful stories.
  • Learn how to identify and skillfully share your signature stories so that you can leave a powerful, authentic impression wherever you go.
  • Learn how to articulate a clear, compelling message about who you are, what makes you distinct, and the value you bring to the table…so you can position yourself as a woman of preeminence.
  • Inspire your team, articulate your vision, teach important lessons, define culture and values, and explain who you are and what you believe.
  • Learn how to walk into any situation — be it networking events, client presentations, interviews, or even speeches or panel presentations, equipped with a stable of powerful stories that convey your experience, expertise and memorableness.
Module 4: Embody Your Leadership

  • Discover the secrets to showing up powerfully at high pressure presentations and boardroom meetings
  • Learn how to consciously dial up the energy, confidence and competence you exude when you interact with other people.
  • Identify how your physical energy impacts your reputation
  • Learn how to use body language to increase your sense of personal power and exert influence over others.

This module will teach you practical steps to show up confidently as a leader who knows how to own a room.

Module 5: Leverage Your Relationships

  • Develop a sophisticated and nuanced set of tools that will enable you to leverage the relationships that can catapult you to the top of your field
  • Identify and practice the critical “influence triggers” that can help you secure much-needed buy-in and sway public opinion
  • Enhance your political skill so your career and business are NEVER derailed by politics.
  • Identify the next-level networking skills used by business luminaries such as Steve Jobs to build a high powered career.
  • Discover how to identify high powered sponsors and mentors.
Module 6: Power Up Your Personal Brand

  • Discover why a failure to take charge of your personal brand can stall your career, halt your progression and derail the growth of your business.
  • Develop a personal code of ethics, which will help you use your personal brand to become the inspirational leader you are meant to be.
  • Learn exactly how to leverage your personal brand to increase sales and business results.
  • Leverage your personal brand in interviews, networking situations, and around the boardroom table.
Module 7: Increase Your Visibility

  • Discover the sneaky ways in which you might be limiting your visibility in your company or industry…and how it’s holding you back.
  • Learn practical, easy-to-implement strategies for gaining the visibility you need to achieve the goals that will take your career to the next level, such as growing your business, securing powerful sponsors and promotions, and attracting high-impact opportunities.
  • “Get Visible Toolkit” which provides in-depth training and templates on how to craft a compelling LinkedIn profile and online presence that impresses people the moment they Google you.
  • Personal wardrobe, style and presentation techniques designed to ensure your first impression is on point.
  • 3 “power player” techniques…subtle tools that highlight your thought leadership and position you as an up and coming presence in your organization or field
  • Identify exactly how to ensure your online presence sends the right message as well as how to interact powerfully in meetings and networking settings so that your message gets heard.
Module 8: Create High Impact Initiatives and Networks

  • Deepen your commitment to your career development and form powerful alliances and initiatives that will propel you to new levels of visibility and credibility in your industry.

  • Learn advanced networking strategies and tools to help you network with power players.

  • Identify the high-impact initiatives that can enhance your visibility and connectivity in one elegant move.

  • Identify a powerful, high-impact initiative you can work toward this year to catapult your career and business growth.


I first heard of The Leadership Lab through a friend who had taken the program and thought I would be a prime candidate.

Before joining The Leadership Lab, I had been working in a middle management position in an area with plenty of opportunity. This program helped me better understand what behaviors are expected from a senior leader, and gave me a framework that helped me cultivate a more powerful senior leadership presence.

The Leadership Lab’s content is rich and practical. I can look through my notes at any time and lift something from it that I can put to use that day. This has shaped how I deal with daily situations AND has helped me tackle things that are more strategic in nature.

After completing The Leadership Lab, I became a Director with a significant mandate. I now have a more strategic viewpoint I can use to move changes forward. The benefit of The Leadership Lab isn’t just limited to me – it has helped me better serve my team, which will have a positive result for our entire organization.

Jennifer Guitard

Director, HR Analytics, Systems and Information Management, Government of Nova Scotia

I joined The Leadership Lab because I wanted to build more confidence and get clear on the next steps in my career.

The Leadership Lab provided structure and accountability to help me move forward on my goals. The content was excellent and I loved how interactive the program was. The videos, tools and learnings were highly practical and easy to grasp.

The Leadership Lab helped me find my voice, cultivate my political savvy and have a stronger presence around the boardroom table. I now understand why I sometimes doubt myself and have the tools to overcome it. I have the confidence I need to leverage the resources I already have and I am tapping into my existing network in a big way.

Now, if I want something, I go for it. Eleanor gave me the confidence I need to recognize my potential and ask for what I want.

Tina Emamverdi

Engineering & Inside Sales Associate, Aquatech Pump and Power Inc

I decided now was the time to personally invest in myself to be a better leader. As a result of working with Eleanor, I’m now going to Yale in the Autumn to take my skills to next level and broaden my network internationally. On a personal note I’ve been able to super size my mission and connect within my personal power beginning with taking bold actions with more public speaking.

Working with Eleanor is worth every penny. She is generous and inspiring coach.

Dr Sharleene Bibbings

Transformational leader in UK Civil Service and Female leadership coach

After going through significant personal and professional changes in a relatively short period of time, I was left struggling to finetune my professional presence, overcome feelings of indecisiveness, and desperately in need of a way to reconnect with my “missing” inner champion.

After seeing Eleanor give a keynote speech at a local event for women in business, my drive was completely re-ignited.

Since joining The Leadership Lab, I’ve developed the confidence and skills necessary to trust in my knowledge, have faith in my abilities, lead powerfully and finally let go of the negative thoughts that were holding me back.

Joining The Leadership Lab is like being shot out of a cannon — I am re-engaged and my inner champion is ascendant. The long and the short? Sign up, commit, do the work and be prepared for the new you!

Diane Ingraham

Principal, Sr. Project Manager, Stantec

I heard Eleanor speak at the Professional Business Women’s conference in San Francisco.  As I listened to hear speak about how the top 5% women executives think, I was captivated. Eleanor was spot on in her analysis and I knew this was a woman who I wanted to emulate. I signed up for the Leadership Lab for Women and it has transformed the way I lead, collaborate and connect with others. Eleanor took me on a 6 week journey of claiming my confidence, crafting my signature leadership brand and building my network. Working in high tech is a daily journey of split second decisions, finding the right message and having the confidence to claim one’s space in an interaction. I no longer feel that I should be sidelined in conversations. I came away confident with a clear plan of how to accelerate my career. Thank you Eleanor.

Karen Price

Project Manager & Program Director, NetApp

At the time I was taking the Impact and Influence Leadership Lab, I was leading an initiative bringing the organization into new territory. I was not expecting any specifics other than anticipating learning new skills/tactics to advance my impact and influence skills. It turned out that I got specific guidance, especially over the lazer coaching (1-1) timeslots in each of the sessions.

As a result of these very timely coaching, I was able to overcome a number of difficult situations by implementing the tactics. In each of these instances, I was rewarded with more ‘advanced & leadership’ opportunities.

Most important of all, the wrap up – Retreat was particularly rewarding and inspirational for me. Not only did I meet and learn from Eleanor face-to-face, I met a group of motivated, energetic and positive women, some of whom I already met virtually -all talented women working hard in pursuing their dreams and goals.

Because of the experience and learnings, I felt the courage to unleash my hidden, real passion goal over the years – that I need to do something about it. I also felt that I can work with someone trustworthy, within a supportive environment to work towards my goal. I am now looking forward to learning and working with Eleanor in the new leadership course I have signed up to continue pursue my goals.

Katherine Cheung, MBA, CMA, PMP, P.Eng

Director, Enterprise & Group Risk Management, Internal Audit Services, Royal Bank of Canada

Busting through career impasse with women’s leadership coach Eleanor Beaton

It’s common for successful women to reach career plateaus that leave them feeling stuck. Senior project manager and tech entrepreneur Lianne Perry used training she learned through Impact & Influence for Women, and coaching privately with Eleanor to dial up her leadership and influencing skills, and transform her career.

Your presence can completely change the direction of your career. Prior to the Leadership Lab, I needed clarity and practical tools to move my career forward and catapult myself to the next level of success. Now, having been a part of the course, my career is in the front seat and I have the presence I need to continue to propel forward. I am putting my best self forward, excelling in my career — and not looking back.

Tamara Forbes

Executive Director, Prime Services Group, CIBC Capital Markets

Eleanor has helped me to demystify myself and set me on a professional and personal path fueled with conviction. She has helped me to decipher and filter the stories, rules and perceptions that were in my way and get to the real me (who is fabulous!). Her intuition and ability to read people paired with her calm, caring way of calling you out and getting to the truth, truly are gifts. She has made a significant impact on my career and my life.

Dawn Umlah

COO, Spring Loaded Technology

Eleanor Beaton approaches her work with great style, commitment and integrity. She understands the entrepreneurial landscape, and is able to translate entrepreneurs’ insights and experiences into compelling stories that inspire and instruct.

Arlene Dickinson

CEO & Owner of Venture Communications, Star of the CBC-TV hit show Dragon's Den

I originally invested in Eleanor’s Impact and Influence Leadership Lab to gain confidence and credibility in the boardroom; however, I gained so much more through her eight-week course. This course equipped me with the tools I needed to navigate the ambiguous waters of office politics, by teaching me to focus on how I get the work done, rather than what I set out to achieve. Now I am more confident than ever in my skills as a leader and I will achieve what I set out to do. And to top it off – I gained a valuable network of driven, business-focused women who I still keep in touch with to this day!

Terri Mosher

Corporate Engagement Strategist, Nova Scotia Provinicial Government

Many of the projects I work on involve new directions and new strategies.  Change is challenging and not always popular so being a leader that people want to follow into new territory isn’t easy.  Eleanor’s course gave me practical insight into what’s working for me and what’s holding me back and how to develop a leadership style that is authentic and win-win.

Enlightening and humbling in a way that makes you want to be a better version of yourself.  I highly recommend this course.

Susan Johnston

Vice President Marketing, O’Regan Group

I joined The Leadership Lab because I had reached a place in my career where I was comfortable, and felt I was at risk of stagnating. I hoped I had more to offer but didn’t know how to identify and reach my potential.

The program offered more than I had expected. Eleanor’s coaching helped me identify and overcome obstacles both in my personal and professional life, and her recommendations for books and videos were always spot-on! The workshops provided tools, strategy and tactics for effective leadership but also support and advice about career-management from a female perspective, with many real-world examples. The other participants are fantastic additions to my network, and have provided advice and support throughout the program.

Now, I am more relaxed, confident and productive in my working day, and I know better how to speak up and be heard. Since the program began, I have been given the chance to work on the creative side of game design, which is something I have long wished for. I feel certain that the lessons learned will propel me to new adventures that I had not previously even considered. It’s been an inspiring and exhilarating experience.

Sophia Lamar

Senior Programmer, Alpha Dog Games

Working with Eleanor has been one of the best investments I have done for myself and a truly empowering experience that has significantly enriched my life. Thanks to her effective coaching I have been able to set up and achieve clear goals to move ahead in my career and my personal life. Since I started working with her I feel more confident and empowered to have the meaningful and productive life I want for myself. Eleanor is an amazing mentor who provides you with the tools you need and the right piece of advice at the right moment. Moreover, she is truly passionate about empowering women and her warmth and genuine interests in her clients makes her incredibly effective.

Eileen Jackson


The Leadership Lab For Women is perfect for you if…

  • You have achieved success in your field but you’re taking on new challenges or have recently been promoted and you need additional tools to lead authentically.
  • You have incredible technical skills…but you need stronger communication, leadership and influencing skills in order to advance your career.
  • You are a small business owner and you need to position yourself as an expert in your industry so that you can raise your prices, attract more clients and grow your business
  • You are an emerging leader within an organization (corporate or non-profit) and you want to position yourself as a top talent within your company so you can secure a significant promotion
  • You ask yourself the following questions: I’m smart, other people think I’m successful… so why do I feel like something’s missing? I should be further along by now… but I feel overwhelmed as it is! I have great ideas. Why can’t I seem to make them happen?
  • You are a smart, upwardly mobile woman with big dreams and bold ideas.
  • You have a vision for what you want to accomplish, but making these big, bold ideas happen brings up “stuff” — fear, insecurity and uncertainty about what to do next, or how to proceed. You are committed to taking that next step, but you are not moving as quickly and confidently as you’d like.
  • You are a smart, whole-hearted woman who is experiencing the following challenges…
    • The “I’m not ready yet” myth
    • Nagging insecurities/lack of confidence in your abilities
    • Competing life priorities
    • Overwhelm that occasionally makes you want to quit your job or business
    • A persistent lack of clarity or vision
    • The “failure to pick a horse and ride it” syndrome
    • A lack of executive presence and perceived credibility
    • Unwillingness to promote yourself and therefore attract the right opportunities
    • Discomfort around having difficult conversations or delivering bad news
    • Ineffective networking

My Buy It, Show Up, Do The Work Money-Back Guarantee

I’ve done everything in my power to make this the most comprehensive, insightful, relevant and immediately useful leadership training available.

I KNOW it works because graduates of my coaching program have used the process to negotiate significant promotions, raises, increase sales, be selected for high level corporate sponsorship and mentorship programs, transition from executive assistant to CEO track, and be earmarked for prestigious roles at top global think tanks.

But if you are on the fence, then I want to give you very chance to invest in yourself and this program with absolute confidence.

That’s why I’m giving you 14 days to go through the program, watch the trainings, complete the assignments and experience for yourself how life-changing, business transforming and career making it is to learn how to position yourself as a woman of true power and influence. You can review the complete terms of sale here.

Do you feel adrift in a rudderless boat? Perhaps like me, you have your head above water, but you don’t have a clear path to navigate to your destination. I lacked setting clear goals for myself. Through the powerful trifecta of videos, exercises and laser coaching, I crafted ambitious, focused, achievable goals and arrived at the end of eight weeks a far more confident and positive woman.

The Leadership Lab is without doubt the best investment I have made in myself in a decade. And as an added bonus, you will be part of a cohort of diversely talented women who will hold you accountable to your goals and who will support you every rung up the ladder.

Hanne Madsen

Independent Board Chair & Director

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About Eleanor Beaton

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton and Annette Verschuren

Eleanor is an advisor and consultant to some of the country’s most celebrated women leaders.

Eleanor Beaton and Annette Verschuren

Eleanor is a sought after speaker on the topic of women’s leadership.

Named by entrepreneurial guru for women Ali Brown as “one to watch in the women’s leadership space”, Eleanor Beaton is an award-winning entrepreneur, women’s leadership coach and personal branding consultant. In 2016, she was named as one of 8 global advisors to the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program at the Yale School of Management. She is also a 2016 nominee for an RBC Women of Influence Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Eleanor is the host and creator of the top ranked podcast for women in leadership, Fierce Feminine Leadership: The Success Podcast for Ambitious Women. She has worked one on one with some of the country’s most notable women including celebrity entrepreneur and investor Arlene Dickinson, Order of Canada recipient and former Home Depot president Annette Verschuren, Rich Dad, Poor Dad co-founder and leading financial literacy expert Sharon Lechter and many others.

As a speaker, Eleanor has shared the stage with legendary speakers including Bob Burg, author of The Go Giver, New York Times bestselling author and financial expert Loral Langemeier. Eleanor has been a featured keynote speaker for clients including the Security Traders Association, Newfoundland & Labrador Organization for Women Entrepreneurs, Empowering a Billion Women by 2020 (EBW2020) and many others.

Eleanor works with ambitious professional women in two main areas. She helps established women tell their stories and create authentic, knock-out personal brands in order to unlock the very top level of success. And she helps emerging women leaders and entrepreneurs cultivate the leadership skills and executive presence they need to be taken seriously as a leader in order to reap the rewards they deserve.

A former journalist and speechwriter, Eleanor won numerous top journalism prizes for her coverage of fast growing, women-led companies. She started her career in advertising, where she helped manage multi-million dollar accounts for top brands. Eleanor is a graduate of the United World College of the American West, the University of Toronto, and the University of King’s College.

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